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My job is simply to help you continue with your active lifestyle

David Bruno

“David works through your entire body and he’ll find the base of your problem areas and patiently work though them.”


David specializes in injury evaluation and treatment, and deep tissue massage.  His detailed understanding of human anatomy allows for a thorough diagnosis to evaluate and treat the client who suffers from chronic pain and minor injuries or muscle pain related to the overuse of muscles. David customizes each session with the most appropriate combination of approaches to meet an individual’s needs while dealing with tendon, ligament, and muscular issues.


David Bruno has been a Nationally Certified Orthopedic (injury assessment & treatment) Massage Therapist for more than 10 years.  A graduate of the Muscular Therapy Institute, member of the International Massage Association, and American Massage Therapy Association, David utilizes Muscular Therapy to increase range of motion and reenergize the body.

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Core Services

  • Chronic Pain Treatment Plan

    This treatment plan is for you if you’re suffering from chronic pain and you’ve tried a number of solutions like physical therapy, visits with your regular doctor, medications, personal trainers and nothing seems to be helping.

    During your first visit we’ll do a complete evaluation. (This first session is usually 90 minutes). Then we’ll create a treatment plan for you that will involve focused body work on just the areas that needs attention (your treatment sessions will usually be no more than 30 minutes)

    You can expect your treatment plan to move you from chronic pain, which is keeping you from doing normal daily tasks, to relief and a return to a more active lifestyle.

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  • Deep Tissue Massage

    This technique uses more localized and deeper movements to affect specific structures of the body that may not be able to respond to the lighter approach of relaxation work.

  • Muscular Therapy

    Muscular therapy treats a variety of pain, injury, body perception, and muscle tension problems. Myofascial and friction techniques are used specifically to reduce such scar tissue that accumulates because of injury to soft tissue structures in the body.

  • Myofascial Release

    A soft tissue therapy for the treatment of skeletal muscle immobility and pain which aims to relax contracted muscles, improve blood and lymphatic circulation, and stimulate the stretch reflex in muscles.

What people I’ve worked with have to say

“David’s healing hands work my muscles hard like a gym workout, or massage my head and neck to relieve stress – whichever I ask for. He listens to what I say and tailors his bodywork to deal with my specific needs.  The benefits are not just muscular; they lead to an overall sense of healing and refreshment.”

“I have been a client of David’s for over two years.  I had developed a repetitive motion injury due to my profession, but have managed to stay pain-free and able to perform my duties after working with David.”

“I started training for the Boston Marathon after having been completely off running for several months due to plantar fasciitis and related aggravations. Regular sessions with David helped keep my body healthy through the winter and early spring training.”

“I am a massage therapist myself and have been dealing with shoulder pain for many years. My shoulders were curled into my chest from always leaning forward from my work.  On my very first visit, David was able to release both my shoulders.  It was amazing to see my shoulders straighten out again.”